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Let me be your therapist.......

As A Therapist, I Won’t:

Give you advice or tell you what to do

Make you feel inferior, like you don’t have a clue

Wave my magic wand to make the pain disappear

Guarantee that everything will always become clear

Work with you in a judgemental manner

Pretend that I have all the answers

Try and be an expert of your own life

Ever undervalue your times of strife

As A Therapist, I Will:

Work with you to form a relationship of trust

Listen to you, showing you respect is a must

Create a safe place for you to talk

Never presume, in your shoes I have walked

Admit that I don’t know it all

Remind you of your strengths, if you feel like you might fall

Encourage you to see your own self-worth

Comfortably sit with you if you feel times are getting tough on this Earth

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