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Is life feeling like a constant tennis rally?

The rain is falling in London giving a big indicator that this week marks the start of Wimbledon 2021. Wimbledon can be associated with grass courts, ball girls and boys, the umpires experiencing a close shave with a fast moving tennis ball, the ripeness of strawberries and Henman Hill or Murray Mountain, as it is known now. Whilst Wimbledon may not be everyone's cup of tea, which is absolutely fine, I cannot help but think that life can feel like a tennis rally. Some of the greatest tennis players in the world, when they go head to head often spend a long time going from 'Deuce' to 'Advantage' and back again and again and again. As I admire the strength and determination in these players, as I do my clients, you can also see the frustration in their faces, which I read as, 'How am I here again back at deuce?' Life can often feel this way, a constant tennis rally, hitting the ball back and forth trying to get ahead but feeling like there is no progress in moving forward. In everyday life this feeling of being stuck can lead to mental health issues, and whilst I do not have magic wand or a time machine, I do have a listening ear and experience. Often talking through this feeling of 'stuckness' or how it is impacting on you can provide the support needed in order make a difference and move forward in an altered direction. Reach out for a free telephone consultation to see how talking therapy can help you if you are feeling like life is a constant tennis rally.


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