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Mental Health VS Physical Health

Why are we happy to go to the doctors when we have a physical illness but apprehensive about reaching out when we are feeling mentally different? We place a lot of merit on our physical health but what about our mental health and the link between them.

As an experienced counsellor I have seen many times how our bodies can physically react to the mental strain that we go through. The tightness of the chest when anxiety surfaces, the headaches when stress levels are increasing and the lost voice that is linked to not saying all those things that you wanted to say before a loved one passed away. Counselling is so much more than just talking, it has many levels and will help in many ways. I feel the stigma around seeking out mental health support needs to continue to be addressed and normalised. We would not hesitate to go to the doctors if our leg was broken so why supress emotions and avoid support when it feels like our mind is fragile and breaking. Reach out for a FREE 30 MINUTE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION.

Your mind matters just as much as your body.


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